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short tho

This is great! funny with great art, and not too hard hoping for a full game some time in the future. Will definitely play this again

I loved this so much!

Finally was able to play the second chapter, and this took me a lot longer. Holy crap, I had so much fun and I can't wait till the last chapter will be completed!

Glad you had fun! Great impression of Debonaire btw.

Thanks for playing and see you in the final chapter! ;)

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wait... how do you get the dentist achievement and all the achievements in Anvil Amore ????

Try the toothpick on yourself and others.

You can also check this nice video from one of the posters below, detailing how they got every achievement:

luv this <3

how do you get the 'torn' achievement?

Try to find all the wallpapers.

This is great! My only mild suggestion is letting you wash the bloody rags in the blacksmith's Barrel o' Water for an achievement or something, that seemed like a nice bonus step if you'd clicked around. Good fun though!

Thanks, good idea!

This had me laugh for quite a bit. I love the humor and artstyle. Can't wait to dive in the other chapters!

Thanks! You actually had me in tears voicing Bjorn and the barmaid.. brilliant! :')

Wonderful game! Had a lovely time walking around and figuring out all the puzzles. Eagerly awaiting the last character!

I just loved it!! A really funny and enjoyable point and click adventure game!! Thank you again for the hint for the Master thief trophy, for some reason I thought I needed to steal that sword and got stuck, but then I lockpicked the way to victory! :D Great game truly, can't wait for more!!


Thanks a lot! It was fun watching you work out how to get all trophies; well done! :)

Very funny game... 

I hope there is more funny stuff in the future

Ha ha! Awesome game!

Thanks, kind Sir! :)

This game was pretty funny and I enjoyed playing. I can't wait to play chapter 3. 

Thanks so much for the video and loved seeing you have fun with it. Stay tuned for the epic conclusion! ;)

I absolutely love these and can't wait for the next chapter!

how do i attract the cat

Try something squeaky.

Hello! Can i get a little hint for the Master thief trophy??


Sure! Try the lockpick on every lock.

Thank you!! :)

For what gameplay is available its very interesting and fun! I would say for $3 its a bit to short so hopefully you have more coming out with it which I assume you do. I made a video on it but unfortunately the audio was corrupted so hopefully we see more soon, well done!

Glad you liked it, and yes, more content coming soon! :)


Funny and humorous short story. There is replayability with the hidden trophies and you want to explore every room and use every item on all characters. The music is very good and completely in theme of the game.

Short but well done with some nice details and humour. 

Now it's time to create a bigger adventure ;-)